Suggestion: Variation in enemy height


I noticed this when playing Sienna with beamstaff.

When a horde comes, all enemies are exactly the same height, i can beam at one spot and pretty much headshot everything coming thru a choke.

It should be pretty easy to give the ratmen a variance in body-height. This would also add some realism.

keep up the good work!


It would make melee more annoying so I’m highly against it.

how come?
I guess it would be the same for ranged, right now you just aim for “head-height” and fire blindly into the masses …

Let´s say they´ll add it… you take your fireball staff and their gone too… quite good idea, but won´t really work as you probably wish… but y beamstaff should´t be so easy targetable

Clone army ftw.

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