Sister of the Thorn ranged weapons

Simple, the new elf class should not be able to access ranged weapons such as bows or crossbow, it does not make sense just as it would not make sense that the other 3 classes could have access to the new staff, by lore and by game mechanics.

I understand Sister of the Thorn is a magician, imagine Sienna running a bow or crossbow, not would it make sense.

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She literally uses a javelin.

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IMO the javelin should be a SoT only melee weapon with weak melee damage, acceptable block and the ability to be thrown. Currently I find the melee capabilities to be underwhelming and redundant.

Why would a SotT not be able to use a bow ? Likewise what would be wrong with Sienna using a normal weapon (Though I somewhat remember something about Wizards and Mechanical weapons (Though it may have been more of a fluff from the DM in WHFRPG Ed1)

Sienna with a Flame Crossbow would fit


Fully disagree because you combine your “understanding” with a “simple” solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

Comparing one class to the entirety of Sienna who only has staves for ranged and then stuffing in “lore” and “game mechanics” as some sort of excuse is laughable.

This is mere projection that one doesn’t like how a new class that they personally deem to be a “magician” should then be restricted to the usual items associated with their perspective of what a magician would use.

How does it not make sense? They are literally known to be a lightly armored and magically gifted cavalry unit if i am not mistaken.

Think mongol cavalry but elves with magic.

Mongols were good at spears, blades and very good at bows.


And slayer uses throwing axes and there is no reason for him to be able to use crossbow or draco weapons.

Because you say so? There is no law, no lore reason that prohibts slayers from using guns. There is even Slayer Pirates.

@Radina.Shevu Slayer sniper also.

Mechanically, Slayer has 2 melee weapons. Before WoM and the throwing axe, he had no ranged option whatsoever, which is not the case of the SotT

Slayers lorewise are indeed disposed towards melee weaponry with a few exceptions, hard to get up close and personal with a dragon&seek death if you are hundred meters away with some manner of ranged weapon.

But, Sisters of thorn were always basically hybrid warrior/mage light cavalry.

It makes a fair lot of sense that they´d be comfortable with using any and all weapons associated with that plus some magic. Naturally then some of them would be more magically inclinded (staff) while some would be more martially inclined and would use bows&javelins.

But regardless of ranged method preference they all carry and are experts at arms too.

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