Sister of the Thorn Challenge "Rippling Radiance" Can be Completed in the Keep

Completed a challenge that requires SOTT’s career skill to be used 5 times in quick succession by simply drinking a Concentration Potion while in the Keep.

I got the challenge and I don’t think I used the career skill 5 times in a row.
When I claimed it I genuinely thought it was “Use the Deepwood Staff’s ability 5 times within 10 seconds”, cause I did do that.

Also this discrepancy

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Also noted, thank you!


The new challenge “shall not pass” seems bugged.
After killing many pouncing gutter runners with the thorn wall it still have not triggered.
I’ve tried switching between different talents and even tried to block the assassins path with the wall making him fall to his death from the thornwall. (I also tried to lock the pouncing assassin mid air with the staff and killed it that way aswell)

Am I missing something here?

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