The Challenge: Shall Not Pass (Elf)

The Challenge: Shall Not Pass
(Kill a pouncing gutter runner in the air with the ThornWall)

Still does not work. And I’m talking about a lot of assassins killed in different ways with different outcomes as well as with the dowry and without the dowry of the second line talent.

Is a fix planned for it? This is one of my last successes to do on her!


I really hope so as well, I’ve killed so many Gutter Runners mid pounce. I can’t tell if this is a bug or just just strict on what’s “pouncing”. Every Gutter Runner I’ve seen just runs as close as it can to me and pounce (kill it mid air) yet it doesn’t give me completion. Perhaps they’re expecting it to be in the air for a full second or what not.

Yeah I had this. Tried several times, even on low level, killing the gutter runners and still can’t get it. Big sad :frowning:

This is my last challenge, personally! So I have its frame and I am at ease. On the other hand, very disappointed not to win the skins she has with her challenges … And also the nerves of the outcast challenges? Goddamn it, I took the lead in doing these hardcore challenges to see this!

I just ran Horn of Magnus repeatedly just to drink con-pots and thorn as many as I could with the gutter runner stash pull…
This one still broken for me, after killing about 20 mid flight, I gave up.
Dance of the Willow doesn’t trigger for me either :frowning:
Hope they fix it. I want that lovely frame! xD

Confirmed to be bugged at the moment.

Confirmed for a few days already … I hope that tomorrow there will be an update which fixes the problem

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This one worked for me, but the timing seems really tight.

Same issue with Shall Not Pass though.

You succeed “Shall Not Pass” ?!

No, as per the quote and reply, Dance of the Willow is what worked for me.
I’m having the same issue as everyone else with Shall Not Pass.

How many folks like this right now… xD


XD We’re all at the same point !!
When are their updates coming ?! I want my frame

Oh less I was able to test the new Kerillian in bot, it sends heavy, very very heavy.

Ye Dance of the willow works, just very tricky- the “shortly after” means almost immediately and don’t hit anything else in between… so chances of elite and special alone and not in a horde on cata etc, are kinda low.
But I have run several experiments pulling the gutter runner stash with purple pots trying for Shall not pass and have killed countless mid flight Sinnies… never triggers.

Yeah, same gutter runner stash, great for trying to get your bots pounced too, although MUCH easier with friends, even 1.

Weird you mention Willow being hard on Cata, when I got mine it was messing around while helping a friend who’s new to the game get the ubersriek weapon unlocks by running champ and it just happened by accident.

Still not the update including the elf challenge … it’s a bit disappointing :frowning:

Any updates on a possible fix for this coming out soon?
Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s holding a good chunk of folk back from finishing the meta.

Personally, I’ve been waiting for the update for 5 days because I finished all the other challenges in one big day

Give it a couple more weeks

To the updates or to me? xD

The update for this challenge heh