Sire Melk's requests meme

Anyone else get this feeling with Melk?


Psst: Melk’s requests actually are fulfilled by your team…


True, but even so.

If you could not pick up any ammo and have 0 melee kills… That would be great.

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Yeah, I also have the feeling, that if you have to kill Dregs with Ranged,
the game spawns ONLY Scraps
and everyone,
even the Vets become Zealots for some reason and go ONLY melee…

Maybe it’s just my paranoia getting worse.

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this currency is legit harder to discharge than diamantine after a while so no. I try not to get the completion bonus anymore…it just makes the pointless integers ‘get help’ signs.

It’s really, really handy if you are shopping for blessings.

I made a 5th toon to get more of it. Everything I buy goes directly to hadron for blessing extraction.

Also, there’s a mod that tells you want you don’t have, and what you do have but at a higher level.

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