Simple thing that I miss : seeing my friends' games

In vermintide 1, you could open your friend panel and see all the people in your friend that were playing at the moment… AND what they were playing. I find it even more missing that I like to join people from my friendlist at random, but as you don’t know what they are playing, you can find yourself joining a legend game with a low level character for exemple (well it would be more of the opposite for a lot of people and for me, joining a veteran game with your 30+ character while you had that 1 cahracter you still have to level…)

It’s a basic feature and I find it cruelly missing, because even though we have a friend tab in V2, it is small and lack any kind of information, making it barely usable.

If I recall corectly, there was one in the first two (?) betas then wastaken down to put “halp I’m stuck” in it’s place, but then never came back. I can be wring though, can’t remember that much, didn’t play a lot of the 2nd beta (first beta I got into)

I’d really like to see the V1 version back in the game, or something similar

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