I would love for you to add the following into the game!

Hi Devs, just a list of what I think everyone would benefit from in this game.

  • Purple Glow (Like the one on the Career Skill bar at the bottom) around the characters portraits when they have their skills available to use.

Also another small purple bar underneath the ammo bar on the portraits to let us know when other people are close to their Skills being able to be used. < Credit to @EPIC_Bitch

  • Show character gear in the huge unused space on the TAB screen.

  • Show Ammo Count at all times on the HUD so you can see the ammo count if you have your melee weapon out (or at least give us a toggle option).

  • Show collected Dice and Keys on the TAB screen

  • Have a mic symbol show up next to the character portrait when someone speaks.

  • Illusion System: Have a ‘Illusion Collection’ where you can switch between skins you’ve already obtained at will for no cost. Then have Veteran Weapons actually look different with no illusion applied so that you have to still obtain that veteran weapon to get that specific blue glow veteran look.


  • In quick play, make it so that if you complete a map, you can’t get that map as a random selection for the next 1 or 2 searches.

  • Verteran drop rates from the emperor chests should be higher.


  • Customizable cross-hair = size/ colour. < Credit to @Tekut

  • Tagged enemy health bar (not only bosses one). < Credit to @Tekut

  • New maps (I’m sure there will be DLC). < Credit to @Tekut

  • New enemy races ( undead will rock, gooblins too) - (Would be cool DLC if you could fit it into the Lore). < Credit to @Tekut

  • More cosmetics drops. < Credit to @Tekut

  • Enchanced scoreboard (friendly fire etc). < Credit to @Tekut


  • Damage Taken stat on the info screen at the end of a match should be circled for the lowest number, not the highest.


  • Add a voice/phrase/quote command wheel where, if you press a button a wheel of commands show up ranging from things like: “Need Ammo” or “Follow Me” etc. I think this would help people that don’t use microphones with communication.

I’m sure people have already suggested some of this stuff and if you’re already aware then that’s fantastic.

Awesome game btw!


All great ideas, and if the devs don’t add them I am confident modders will with the quality of life mod. There is an ammo bar already but it could use some tweaking. I disagree with the veteran drop thing though. Veteran drop rates aren’t super relevant because they are capped at 200 anyway.

Edit: oops I read that wrong, although I still think veteran item drops shouldn’t be very high on anything less than legend.

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-Customizable crosshair = size/ color
-Ammo count
-Taged enemy health bar (not only bosses one)
-New maps
-New enemy races ( undead will rock, gooblins too)
-Alot of cosmetics
-Enchanched scoreboard (friendly fire etc)

I think he means veteran weapons(that’s how red weapons are called)

Awesome suggestions, I’ll add them to the post!

  • The purple glow is great, but Id rather have an other meter showing charge status so you know if someone is close or not.
  • I expected this in the release version, since it should be visible somehow
    -There is already the ammo bar for everyone, though it shows only ammo count from a non-ranged class, so it shows full ammo when you are above the maximum ammo count of a regular class on a ranged class
    -that would be great
    -I have ingame voice disabled and use discord for communication, so I couldnt care less
    -Yes, please. Its annoying that you cant look into your extracted illusions. It gets tideous checking if you already own an illusion or not
    -I think that would overcomplicate the matchmaker
    -I think the drop rates from the emperor chests are fine. Veteran items are supposed to be the absolute endgear and since there is a chance already to get them from generals and emperor chests its fine imo. If you really looking for Veteran Items, Legend should be the way to go.

@Kurt1220 seems like someone didnt understand what Veteran Items are

Yeah that’s another great suggestion for the purple glow/bar, I’ll ad that to the post!

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Keep up those ideas! Mind if I make my current thread into a Mega Thread? Using your ideas, and others but Credited?


Definitely agree that more cosmetics are needed. Spent 122 hours I game with 2 chars on lvl 30 and all others above 15 and I still haven’t even seen one on other players, lest to speak of owning them myself. (with the exception of the V1 skins and collectors edition stuff)


I have been playing Vermintide 1 and now 2 for a while now and I feel like these things could be added as well. I hope I’m in the right place for suggestions.

Play with friends: Join / Invite
This is actually something I am missing from the first game, where it was easy to use the in-game menu to join a lobby of a friend or to invite friends that were online. Inviting and joining over the steam menu is just more tedious compared to VT1.

Replay Button
Again, something I am missing from VT1 where after losing a game you could retry that same map easily in the stats screen. It takes away momentum if you almost finish a map and then have to return to the keep and start it all over.

(Un)Equip all
After obtaining a great new item (as in trinket, necklace or charm) I have to rotate between all my heroes to equip it. Also, if I want to salvage an item I used previously I have to find which of my 15 heroes has it equipped. I feel like an “Un/Equip all” button could be an easy solution.

This is a feature we really loved in L4D, where you could press “Pause” and a bot would take over. It was really handy if you had to leave for a short time.

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multi-coloured crosshair that changes to a random colour everytime you hit attack

good ol’ cs 1.4 days!

Gah, don’t like the idea of the pause button. If they do, get ready for people joining then pausing until near the end to get the reward. Not everyone, but there will.be quite a few people who will do it.

Damage blocked stat

Yes, I can see that as well. However, you can still kick someone if they were afk the whole round.
On the other hand it would be like playing quick play with a bot until a player joins.

I think this could be combatted, if pause were not available in quick play.
If you’re playing with a full team (or some friends and bots) this could really help if someone was getting coffee or taking a short break.

These are amazing suggestions, worth a bump :smiley:

My suggestion: Make it so the game keeps a SS of each game you play (maybe only completed missions, or all) so that you can go back and view stats/see how everyone did/post how awesome everyone is (since sometimes, if you level up, you might not get to see the score screen before the game goes back to lobby). Could be listed under previous games tab or somthing. Even if it was just the last 1-3 games played, that way you never miss out :slight_smile:

Also, more stats on the end screen. Friendly Fire done, damage blocked, damage done to actual bosses (halescourge, rasknitt, spine, etc),

Some sign that teamates have the passive healing necklace trait (maybe green icon next to icons?)

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A lot of the UI changes sound like something modders will add.

The biggest thing I miss is the Bounty board

Why not hire those 2 guys in the first place? (QoL was made by two people)

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No idea what’s going on with the old mods. I saw JSat using damage numbers though, so I guess they’re moving some of them on to V2.