Silent specialists: do you or do you not have that problem?

I’ve created a poll on DT’s subreddit that regards the above issue and I would like you to participate.


The problem is obvious, unlike the solution.





they don’t even make noise. The problem isn’t that they’re quiet or sound far away, but that they’re literally silent in every action they take. I have a clip of a flamer dropping in and blasting at me without a sound. It’s a very consistent but not absolutely constant problem.

I don’t record my games but I’ve seen trappers walk through hordes without saying anthing and netting someone point blank

So yea I’d say I kinda have that problem

I’m sorry, i couldn’t hear that. Say again?

No sound cue issues!
sorry, but cant vote bc i dont have a account.

What i have is netters netting me although dodged or pox bursters not pushed away far enough to dont get damaged or more often hounds that cannot be blocked.
I think these are lag related issues.
I had several games when i was last man standing trying to carry and everyone confirmes i had blocked that hound or dodged that trapper, but without success so the mission failed.

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