Silent pox bursters: addressed?

Did they do something to address the silent specialist issue? I played a few games yesterday and was surprised to hear bursters tick tocking their way across the map, even did a couple more-burster maelstroms and I seemed to hear them all, did something change?

The bug itself is a matter of luck. It’s possible there was a backend update that Fatshark hasn’t announced, but you might’ve just gotten lucky.


Yes, they did

There are multiple other examples, such as bug reports being acknowledged. And some time ago a developer responded on one of these posts

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I saw that, maybe they were able to do something on the backend? Are you all still seeing the issue? Could be I got lucky but I usually see a high percentage of quiet bursters, the difference was immediately noticeable.

This issue is not backend.
It will remain until they fix their new audio system, which breaks if there’s too much stuff happening.
Take my words with a grain of salt, I am not an expert, but this is what I got reading through this forum

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I suspect the issue is related to changes to the director with patch 15, if so that might be something they could tweak on the server side.

nope. last session was bombarded by silent burster after silent burster. Even had a guy get eaten through the elevator door and carried away unable to regroup with us. (boosted audio like 10db btw)

here’s a clip of the grab btw, and a bonus through-the-door grenade too

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Restart your game between runs, it doesn’t resolve the issue entirely, but it reduces the frequency of audio issues in general in my experience.

Nope. Just happened to me now in a Maelstrom. Outside of making Ragers a bit louder, Devs still haven’t done anything regarding the absolute dire state of the audio on this game.

Honestly it’s embarrassing stuff from Fatshark. The audio has been a dumpster fire since the class overhaul and makes the game unplayable at times, rendering player skill and team cohesion completely irrelevant when those ‘silent’ moments happen on top of the cheesy mega-stack spawn of elites and specialists right next to you or behind you.

P.S. This Maelstrom was only the 3rd game in on my current session. The audio is currently just a mess, the end.

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It’s not a dumpster fire. It has issues since they brought in the console version, but it’s not a dumpster fire ffs. Please don’t exaggerate like a youtube clickbaiter. The game is amazing. It just needs some audio issues to be fixed.

Ok false alarm then. Guess I just got lucky the other day. :man_shrugging:t2:

“The game is amazing.”

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