Silent Specialist Spawning

I’m curious, I’ve never experienced this issue before. I’ve seen a couple people claim it here and on the steam boards, what model(s) of headsets are you guys using when you experience this issue?

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Really not at all? Seems like burster’s tick-tock noise fires around 50% of the time at best for me. I’m using a sony wh-1000xm4.


If that’s really true and you actually play on T4-5 difficulties (in case it has to do with the enormous spawn rates like some people think), then it would imply it’s indeed a bug that doesn’t affect everyone.

But I have Sennheiser HD 600 and Sony WH-1000XM4, using both around the day and have since I started playing Darktide over a year ago. This problem didn’t exist before, it started on Oct 3:rd with the class overhaul and has since gotten worse. Since the last few patches it’s gotten so bad that I’d guess easily over half the trappers make no sound at all until they fire. At worst if you just pressed dodge or slide and they’re really close, then you’ll be caught no matter what you do. At best you’ll have under 0.5s to guess their direction and distance and hope you guessed right.

These things happen easily idk, a dozen times a match? 3 dozen? Like, ALL the time. And it’s not just trappers either. Dogs, muties, ragers, even bursters can do that. While bursters are more rare, even one is enough to kill if you’re slightly wounded on a psyker/vet, or if it pushes you off the map then it doesn’t matter what you play as.

It’s infuriatingly annoying.


Yeah I’ve been playing since launch. I have 700+ hours clocked in with a +100 vet and psyker and a +70 zealot. I’m normally the one making specialist call outs to my discord buddies, so I’m usually pretty tuned in.

It is interesting that both you have the same headset and report this issue and they look pretty good according to rtings stats. Given they seem pretty software heavy that’s something to consider, but not immediately damning.

Well it’s certainly easy enough to rule out, next time I play I’ll play with my cheapo work headset.

I mean that might create its own separate issues, but sure. You also have to be careful of correlating false positives where being distracted by an intense situation may make you less vigilant, I know I’ve lost track of spawns because of that.

For reference though, I use a steelseries arctis nova pro wireless. It’s definitely not a Senny 600, but it’s not exactly not competitive.

re: silent poxbursters, my observations have been that they spawn with sound at a distance (so it’s relatively low volume), teleport to a nearby spawn room, but no longer beep until they move to leave the spawn room - if you are within range of them before they start moving, they instantly detonate instead of moving.

I know people have experienced silent bursters in other scenarios , but that’s the only one way I’ve encountered it personally

I’m using Beyer Dynamics DX880 headphones


Yeah that I’ve definitely seen many times! And some of the sound ques for pox bursters aren’t very assertive anyways. It took me awhile way back when to recognize that was the que when the game was new.

I’ve experienced actually silent bursters once that I recall. I avoid Auric, though, and most of the forum seems to be concentrated there.

This crap happens all the time at highest difficulties on the especially crowd encounters.

I’ve had a lot of silent poxbursters lately. Had two in one mission yesterday.

I’d be curious if this has been captured in some uncut gameplay footage as well. Which, if it’s as common as people say it is, should be a pretty trivial to produce.

It has been “acknowledged” as a bug, it has become a serious issue past the last big content drop (Patch13 or 14 whatever that was). The issue was present before but at the moment its beyond broken.


People’s hardware isn’t the problem… this is an acknowledged bug.


The issue is acknowledged as a bug or better said, a quirk of the sound engine. Feel free to visit the technical support / bug reports sections, those topics are rather common.

My observation:
It only happens when the game spawns way too many elite and special enemies at once and sound director is overwhelmed. So it happens on Auric / Hi-Int / Maelstorm missions.
Also, the enemies do not have to be explicitly silent: the sound might simply drown in the noise. I have the feeling, that some sounds become kind of muffled, once a certain threshold of enemies is crossed.
I have personally only trouble hearing bursters and trappers, rest of the menagerie is manageable, but those two can end your run in frustrating way.

You can also forget hardware, I tried already my newer Sony HS, older Sony HS and age-old Sennheiser, same effect. My discord buddies experience that too.

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What does acknowledged mean?

It basically means, that somebody from tech support or the dev team confirmed, that there is an issue.
It does not mean though, that it is solved. It is merely a confirmation, that something is off.

Ok is that their definition or your inference and how do I verify that?

Ah found my own answer, this was all that needed to be linked:


I not even talking that nothing in this game (except some monstros) have a footsteps sound or jumping from height sound

But there in even specific sounds are broken now!