Sienna's Release FAQ

Been doing some research and almost nothing makes sense, if the colors mean anything that they usually do in warhammer lore then they are tied to each of the winds of magic. However it’s basically impossible for a human to be using basically all of the winds of magic as sienna is, and there’s no recorded accounts of that that I’m aware of. The only way a human has been know to wield all of the winds of magic is through Dark magic, or Dhar. If this is the case it would also fit in with siennas voice line in the teaser trying to tell her comrades not to worry, and that they shouldn’t be suspicious.

I think it fits pretty well if sienna became a dark wizard and honestly that seems dope as heck, but if anyone knows something I missed that would make that impossible then please lmk

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Yeah a few users in Twitch immediately jumped to Dhar being the only explanation. After reading the cliff notes on it, I’m convinced that’s what the reveal is. Honestly can’t wait, it could justify a large range of abilities/playstyles with an awesome aesthetic


There is at least another one, Maximilian Schreiber from the Gotrek and Felix series, an ex Wizard of the Gold Order who used Metal, Jade, Light and Shadow magic. He’s a bit loopy by the time he can cast from multiple winds, but that might be more because of being tortured and imprisoned by Trogg.

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Black Magister?


There’s also the explanation that timeline skipping induced by Tzeentch with the other characters (race swapping Elf, guild swapping Dwarf, faith swapping Kruber, Temple swapping Saltz) could be at play with Sienna.

So basically, a timeline where Sienna was never a fire wizard but something else (Amethyst). So no need to use Dhar. Besides, if she went full apostate Saltz would be duty-bound to kill her immediately rather than “transport her for trial” like he’s technically doing now.

A timeline where Stefoni was the mage being transported by Saltzpyre instead of Sienna.

I think this is probably something new to the lore.

There are no 3 race of Wlf, its more like Catholic Christian and Orthodox Christian.

And the switch operate after the game 1, when they all get transported by a Warp explosion in Waylaid iirc