Sienna's Release FAQ

This DLC actually highlights how much one new weapon can reinvigorate the game. I’ve spent more time with the Sythe than Necro. I do hope a weapons DLC is on the horizon.

All the plot weirdness aside from having a Myrmidia worshipping Necromancer in the ranks (with Myrmida and Sigmarite charms and trinkets and an altar to her in the basement), Necro isn’t terrible in terms of balance™, she’s just a bit disappointing for me because I was hoping for more summoning and she feels more like another DPS wizard type than a summoner, and even if no major changes are planned to her, the skills still need to be tweaked a bit because there are some which are obviously inferior to others. Nobody who’s taking their build seriously is choosing lightweight 12 skeletons “army” when they get cut down fast and 6 only last 20 seconds. Barrow Blades isn’t even reliable for the added DPS since 95% of the fire debuffs will come from your staff, having the skeletons light enemies on fire contributes almost nothing.

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I will concur that the only downside with Necromancer is how little synergy her Skeletons have, and how little of her power comes from being a Necromancer and how obviously superior being a mage or warrior is than being a puppet master.

Likewise Army of the Dead is pure trash and needs to be reworked.