Steam "Sienna's Release FAQ"

Aqshy made a FAQ thread not so long ago, here what’s it say:


I wanted to create a pinned thread to help address the multiple questions this forum gets regarding Sienna’s career. I’ve shared this info here, on Reddit, and on streams, but I’ve collected it all here for good measure.

I will add to this list as I’m greenlit to share more. If it is not answered here, it means I cannot share anything further yet.

I’ll be looking at questions in this thread periodically and bringing them back to the team so we can discuss what to answer as we prepare to share more info.

Sienna when, though???

Sienna has been slated to release after Darktide and after we push out some further content in 2022 for Vermintide that will help set the stage for her. Sienna will be after this 2022 content, but how long after is yet TBD.

Does she have a release date?

Internally, I’ve seen the release window when she’s tentatively slated to release. This release window has not been shared yet as we want to firm up other content and her development first before sharing a release date with you all. I am working with the team to discuss how we can better inform you of where she’s at once we push out the planned content mentioned above.

How far along is her concept?

We have nailed down her career, what she’s going to be, how she plays, her abilities, etc. but I wouldn’t say she’s polished enough to be publicly released yet. More info on that to come once we get closer to her proposed launch window internally.

Is she a Gold Wizard???

Maybe. Probably not… No, no she is not (sorry to dash all your hopes and dreams! :frowning: ). All your speculations are good, however! I can confirm she is still a [pretty cool] magic user, though!

Relevant comment:

By Burstnok:

Thank for this FAQ!
Though that will be a tight release if she’s still planned to be released in 2022, with Darktide delayed to end of November that leaves only December for the ‘further content’ and even less for Sienna afterwards. But we’ll see how that goes or if Sienna gets delayed too after Darktide release.

Aqshy’s reponse:

I just realized this may have been worded a little unclearly. We’re looking at releasing Darktide and other Vermintide content in 2022; that doesn’t mean Sienna will be released in 2022, just that she will be some time after that. I’ve edited the post for clarification.

Interesting Information:

  • Some Content is still slated for 2022
  • Said content will set the scene for Sienna’s career
  • Sienna’s career will come out after that content, but will most likely come out in 2023
  • She wont be a Gold Wizard (Sad for you @Froh )
  • She still will be a magic user
  • Some question from the thread might be answered

Yea, saw the post. It is mostly a recap of things did before like the lore-building content to be released this year.

Glad she isn’t a gold Wizard but still no indication what it will be. Although the brackets made me paranoid for a moment.

Actually I am more interested in the stage setup content then her fourth career at the moment.

Yes, somewhat noted that on steam

But I think that if the next update will set the stage for her career it might be one of these 2:

  • Divine Intervention: Citadel of Eternity is supposedly a place of divine power, the U5 might meet some answer to their problems → So either Myrmidia, Solkan or something else
  • Undead Rising: With Nameless’s followers, maybe risen Sofia (If so, as a Banshee would be the most appropriate) → either Myrmidia, Morr (Unlikely as no previous relation) or Master Vigilant (Witch Hunter of the College of Magic), or more primal vengeance (EoA)

Not sure what the citadel really is. The lore pieces want us to believe that it was a trap by Be’Lakor. Victor is sure he talked to Sigmar. Kerillian was supposedly ignored. And the Skaven want to use it to contact the horned rat. Also if it is divine intervention by the citadel we really wouldn’t need an additional in-game setup.

So I personally really want to believe that it is the rise of the undead, fighting in Bretonia where Sofia currently is. And Sienna rising up against her, maybe as follower of Myrmidia.

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Got to say I’m way more interested to see what fatshark could possibly have created as a setup content while working on darktide.
2023 is not too surprising and I would have been really surprised if it came alongside or near darktide.

I keep forgetting this, was Kerillian ignored or was it just that her wish could not be granted? I think i recall hearing two somewhat conflicting sides of this. One being Lileath talking during the SoT trailer saying she could not grant what was asked.

As for the Citadel, i thought the idea with Belakor was that he made use of the chaos that ensured after the U5 kept storming through to establish himself in that area of he wastes. Maybe he even instigated it but did not think they´d actually get anything out of it or at least, die trying after causing a big mess.

This given that at least one of the U5 seems to have had a personal chat with their god that ended up with becoming blessed by them.

Is it just my imagination or is this a lowkey flag for ash-related stuff? Pretty cool fire mage?

Pretty cool magic user she said. No mention of fire in that sentence. But yea, as said in my first post in the this thread, the brackets made me paranoid for a moment. Not sure if hint, red herring or just personal opinion of the CM.

Would be a bit out of left-field and kinda unexpected although requested some times. I still think to remember that slowing down enemies looks odd according to devs, so it would be a straight up freeze in place? Would also be interested how they explain SUCH a change. So for now, I think it is personal opinion.

EDIT: Concerning the Citadel, I am also not sure. The lore is spread over lots of pieces and I can’t remember everything. From Bardin or Markus we never heard any remarks considering their contact. There is also the obvious fact that Be’lakors voice and the voice in the expedition finals are identical.

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Huh? I thought we were hearing his voice in the keep basement + his temple, expedition finale´s got this weird multilayered and cheerful one.

So nothing new? Another sick update of ‘darktide is coming just be excited for that’. I guess we should just forget what happened with VT1 like Fat Shark did with the game because its going to be different this time guys. The fact that they’ve left broken enemy spawning logic in since Belakor and have no plans to update the game in the interim (going from this report, for the rest of the year) makes me worry. You are actively killing your own game not just throwing out a courtesy update to keep the hardcore players in since most are on hiatus as is. Its hard to play even Legend with this extremely inconsistent skill expression at the moment where the AI director literally determines games with spawns ontop of players. Its not like the game isn’t extremely niche as is and Darktide will siphon off most remaining players.

Say can someone confirm on infirm something for me, did FS actually say that there would not be anymore enemy factions → No undead ?

As far as I know they neither said 1 nor 0. However, I am not following on Reddit. So if something has been said there, it is out of my radar. Concerning the Steam and FS forum I do not remember any remarks on new enemies.


If we get this then I’m in Vermintide heaven. :smiley:

The fact that they’ve left broken enemy spawning logic in since Belakor and have no plans to update the game in the interim (going from this report, for the rest of the year) makes me worry.

I mean the FaQ litteraly say that something else and probably rather important is coming before the end of 2022.

but I fully get the fear of seeing Vtide put aside with darktide. But the simple fact that the sienna dlc is now expected to hit several months after darktide imply that they intend to keep the game runing (and profitable) for a moment.

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Got a notification about this thread so to clarify what we currently have:

As for the content that will set the scene, we know it’s not about the Chaos Waste, and thus can deduce it’s not gonna be about a Divine Intervention, this mean that the Myrmidian Warrior Priest or Knight of the Burning Sun are somewhat less likely than before.

In the other hand the presence of Sofia at the end of the Trail of Treachery would imply a head on confrontation between the 2 sisters, now since we know that, it would push in 3 possible path:

  • Maven of the Flame and Dean of Cinder (From Lhoner’s journal): name fitting for the Career, but no previous information on it
  • Master Vigilant: Witch Hunter of the College of Magic
  • Something about Sienna’s and Sofia’s hometown/origin

Hoping it’s a celestial wizard, I’d love to call down meteors and the power of the sun