Sienna's new staff

Ок. Let’s be honest. What are we most looking forward to in the next new career releases?
Sienna’s new staff, of course.
But what could it be? We already have a flamethrower, beam, shotgun, fireball, bolt and conflag. It’s hard to imagine what more could be added… You can’t do it without a specialist in Warhammer Fantasy. Or can you? =)

Each staff and some talents represent nerfed spells of Red Wind, also known as Aqshy.
For example, using bolt staff, Sienna can cast spells called Bolt of Aqshy and Fireball Barrage, Pyromancer’s ult is The Burning Head etc.
However, there are still plenty of spells left untouched, you can see it for yourself:
My call is that the next staff is going be about traps or magical cages, oriented to control the enemies and flow of battle.

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So many… Thank you, it was interesting to read =)

Crimson band would be quite different to the current staff

Being able to slow the enemy more than damaging them