My idea is for SIENNA to have a staff that can, using right click, buff the hero that she is aiming at. This could either be a charged attack like the fireball, a charge sustain like the flamethrower, or a straight sustain like the laser attack.

Here are my top 3 ideas for the Buff effect, feel free to share yours!
1)Flaming Sword of Rhuin- Temporarily imbues the weapon with fire. (Maybe in champion, if you miss you accidentally empower any enemy you hit?)
2)Cascading Fire Cloak- a spherical fire bubble, those inside are safe but those that pass through take fire damage?
3)Pha’s Protection - transfer grey health to target, for the cost of overheat.

Anyways. The general idea is for her to have a buff spell. Thanks for your time.

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I like Sienna being focused on offense, she’s a bit of a nuthead for fire after all, though I like all these ideas for a potential future character.