Sienna's Mace 1st light attacks vs 1st Power attack

Issue Summary:
Siennas Mace 1st light attack does more damage against bosses than her 1st power attack with the mace. (exception is stormfiend boss because it has different armor class values) I’m NOT including the DOT damage from the burning applied by the mace afterward.

Not sure if this is bug, I sure as hell would consider it one.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Testing Realm Used Mods Too see Damage and Spawn monsters
  2. Tested Vs Ogre, Troll, stormfiend, chaos spawn
  3. Damage was about 10% Difference 16 vs 17.5 on non stormfiend bosses.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

If this is intended for the mace please reconsider… It makes no sense.

Side Note
I believe the one handed mace for sienna should receive a 10% increase attack speed across the board with longer range on its melee swings similar to what Bardins double hammers received.

Siennas 1 handed mace?
She has a 2 handed mace.

I come from v1 so what i consider 1 handed is like dodge range and mobility but yes she grasps the weapon with both hands.

The mace for sienna is the weapon i’m talking about.

Gotcha. Just wanted to be sure I understood what you were talking about.
Didnt play VT1 but I love the second. Have 900+hours into so far.
1h mace for Sienna sounds awesome.

Curious about this myself. From my experience it seemed better DPS wise to perform light 1 block cancel for armored targets, ambient marauders etc…

@hanzy you’re aboslutely right. Power attack is only better if you can perform just a single attack while dodging or if the power attack can one shot the enemy you are going for.

The Reason for my post is that the power attack… has a lower damage value towards boss than the 1st light attack. Which I think is ridiculous.

So I can see how this might seem messed up but from my point of view its working as intended. The way I understand it power attacks are primarily useful for piercing armor. Most bosses are completely unarmored with the stormfiend having some armored sections. This makes light attacks more efficient against unarmored enemies unless the attack pattern or extra cleave from power attack is taken in to account. Maces/hammers/flails also do boosted damage to armored opponents. Another thing is if you aren’t counting the burn damage from the power attack on Sienna’s mace then you really aren’t accurately measuring the difference in damage.

Babah Gan00b!

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Not sure if this is a bug but I passed it on to the game design team all the same :slight_smile:

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