Sienna deserve More Spell

Sienna currently has weapon based on the development of Heat (Overheat), which is complementary to her career/character.
But what if she could get a set of ranged weapon who are used to with an ammo reserve:

From the Original Fire lore

  • Sanguine Swords

The air around the wizard takes on a fiery glow as up to 6 red swords materialize, floating before him. At a gesture, the swords fly toward a victim and attack, and the target can be switched over time

Could be turned in summoned Sword that spin very fast before going forward

  • Crimson Bands

Snaking crimson magic entwines any one target within range of the spellcaster

Could look like searing hot chain that Sienna hurl at the enemy

As the other character do she could pick up ammo from Ammo Boxes or Ranger Pouches
But as she would have either:

  • Reverse Overcharge:
    Overcharge will slowly rise while you can’t vent actively
    Throwing/Shooting would empty the gauge
    Critical/Head shot would empty the gauge more

  • Motivative Heat:
    Ability to increase heat without shooting
    The Higher the heat the better the dmg
    Throwing/Shooting would increase the gauge (lower than other weapon)

As other Ability/Active for a new career:

  • Flaming Sword of Rhuin

A fiery sword materializes in the caster’s grasp. Being magical in nature, it also imparts greater prowess in battle.[1e] The wizard can also ensorcel his allies’ weapons, making them burn with a savagely hungry flame.[3a]

The FireSword is most likely what came from Sword of Rhuin but it could also be turned into an active like the Sword that Grail Knight has

  • Fulminating Flame Cage

Searing rods of magical flame shoot from the wizard’s outstretched hands, trammelling his chosen foe in a fiery prison

Could be the a very different Ability than the current one (Exploding for Dmg, Throwing for Dmg and Venting for Dmg) in the fact that it’s CC, Sienna could have Line grow from her feet, slowing or even halting the enemy for a small time

As for weapon I would love to see Un armed Sienna (either as a melee or a ranged weapon)

  • Hand of Aqshy/Fiery hand:
    With Fire Sword Sienna can do a charged attack with her hand, this would be around that
    Blocking would be Shield of Aqshy

  • Rapiere (Fire and Normal):
    Sienna is from Estalia (Warhammer Italy), so I think she deserve a traditional Italian Weapon, hence the Rapiere


I like this one.

I’m gonna go ahead and wager whatever new career we get for sienna will probably have some of the leftover fire spells that we don’t currently utilize in verm. So hopefully we’ll see a couple of these


I’m curious what niche people think a new Sienna staff could fill. Her current range of staves generally cover everything you could want from a ranged weapon. What niche is left to fill for new staves? I’m honestly struggling to think what they could add that wouldn’t directly compete with a staff that already exists. I guess that’s why OP suggested staves with ammo so they’d play a bit different, but I don’t know how, say, a special sniper staff with limited ammo could compete with bolt staff, and a CC/anti horde staff is gonna have a LOT of competition with her myriad of options there.

Maybe something with support ability? Like a staff that debuffs enemies while buffing allies but does fairly low damage on its own?

I would like to see a marriage of the Flamestorm staff and Conflagration staff. Imagine a staff you could aim at the ground and create a lasting cone of flame (think Sienna’s visual for the Vermintide 1 opening). Something that creates ground fire but in something other than a circle shape. It could even be better at certain ranges depending on the charge (hold the charge longer for a longer wave or something)

I’d also like to see a staff that focus the magic on Sienna rather than the enemy. Something that cloaks her in fire much the same way we see her new Unchained talent do. A click of that staff could give her or her allies flaming weapons, while a charge can bathe her in fire.

I feel like there’s a lot of untapped potential in Sienna and I can’t wait to see what career they unlock for her next.

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