Sienna - Damage Over Time Build

Having played the beta quite a lot, and playing Sienna for about 300 hours I think there’s a fairly large missed opportunity in her builds for a Damage Over Time build. Although there is lingering flames which extends the length of time enemies burn for, and there’s some stacking of DoT for Fireball and Beam but the ability to design a build that actively uses DoT as a mechanic is lacking. The DoT could become a talent and a weapon trait that players could combine to build up DoT as a new build. +10% DoT vs Chaos, +10% DoT vs Armoured etc instead of just straight +10% Power vs .

DoT build could include;

  • Higher burn damage against armour and superarmour as the metal armour heats up quicker causing more damage. Increasing DoT against CW’s and Shielded SV when caused by a charged attack could mean daggers and swords might be seen a little more often in Legend runs,although this would - of course- also buff mace.

  • Firestorm Staff could really benefit from DoT as it’s such short range and could use a little change in mechanics, especially against Armoured opponents. I supposed Conflagration staff could fit here too, although having High DoT and Stagger on these staves could make them over powered.

  • Although I personally don’t think Sienna’s THP generation is completely broken, Sienna’s Temp Health could also have an option that THP is generated through enemies that are killed by flames only, (so those SV who flap their arms and die through fire damage without being repeatedly hit for example). This might also be similar to the Health on Stagger, as killing something with A Hammer doesn’t give the THP, similarly killing soemthing with a Firesword wouldn’t give the THP.

  • DoT could be one of the Talent choices for Living Bomb, instead of whichever talent is least used (I’ve always used CDR talent at level 25)

  • DoT Might extend Sienna’s usefulness when she’s clutching.

-DoT could become a boss-killing build as well.

This is pure theory-crafting so pitch in and refine the idea! I’d love to build a DoT Sienna.


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