Sienna (BW / PM / UC) Ranged Damage Inconsistent /w Passive Listings

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EDIT: Everything I posted below is incorrect and totally my own fault. “Famished Flames” was lowering my damage on Battle Wizard by 30%, while Pyromancer was getting a 10% increase, and Unchained was getting no bonus (as expected). I apparently confused myself after playing a ton of Sienna lately. This topic should be closed and forgotten about haha.

Bug Encountered/Frequency
Hi FatShark Developers, not sure if this is a bug or if I’m misreading/misunderstanding something. Sienna’s “Battle Wizard” / “Pyromancer” classes both have a passive ability that “Increases Ranged Damage by 10%” (For Battle Wizard, it is named “Pyromantic Surge” and for Pyromancer it is named “Searing Focus”). So naturally, I’d think to myself, “If I run the same build on both classes, the numbers should match, right?” … but they don’t. The Pyromancer clearly does more ranged damage by default than the Battle Wizard, and I am unsure why. Additionally, I tested with Unchained after (which should deal the least damage out of the 3 classes due to it not having a passive that increases ranged damage) … and it did way more than Battle Wizard for some reason.

Steps To Reproduce
On all of Sienna’s classes, I equipped the same bolt staff with the same attributes (10% Power vs Skaven / 10% Power vs Armored). I made sure my charm was exactly the same too (10% Power vs Chaos / 10% Power vs Infantry). I also made sure that any other power-enhancing talents were matched for consistency (Level 15 Talent - Enhanced Power). I had also ensured that I used “Thermal Equalizer” on all my tests to ensure damage numbers were not being skewed by “Hunter” or “Barrage”. I made sure that every one of my hits were non-crit body-shots.

Battle Wizard Test (Video Below) — When I fired a fully charged bolt at the armored/skaven training dummy on Battle Wizard, it did 5325 damage with a hit to the body, just barely enough to one-shot any Stormvermin on Legend Difficulty.

Pyromancer Test (Video Below) — When I fired a fully charged bolt at the armored/skaven training dummy on Pyromancer, it did 7625 damage, way overkill compared to the Battle Wizard, despite having the same “10% extra ranged damage” passive.

Unchained Test (No Video) — When I fired a fully charged bolt at the armored/skaven training dummy on Unchained, it did 6925 damage, still way overkill compared to the Battle Wizard (despite it not having any ranged damage bonus).

Here is a video of me demonstrating the gear on both classes that would provide the damage bonuses listed. I first use the Pyromancer, then halfway through the video I switch to Battle Wizard.

Other Notes
This does affect the way I build my classes, as I do try to build around certain breakpoints. I only recently noticed this discrepancy, and I’m unsure if the “10% damage” for both is listed incorrectly (is one supposed to be higher?), or if it is calculated incorrectly (maybe they’re both supposed to be actually 10%?). Regardless, it’s confusing and I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t test this for myself. Does it affect my gameplay? Well, not right now, but depending on whatever it’s supposed to be, I may have to change up my gear in the near future.

That is odd. I get the excepted values (BW and Pyro equal at 6975, Unchained 6350) on every non-crit bodyshot as expected. No matter how often I try.

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Interesting, can you share your build(s) with me so I can try them out as well?

I’m literally going insane right now

For that test I used
BW: 133133
Pyro: 233221
10% chaos, 10% armored on bolt staff and 10% infantry on charm (only the armored part actually matters here)

If I equip famished flames and have another extra 10% against skaven then I also end up on 5325. Did you have that loadout by accident?


Oh my goodness, I forgot about the fact that Famished Flames lowers damage by 30%. Agh, that’s my fault. Everything is fine. I just need more sleep.

Is there a way to cancel this post? I don’t want to confuse anyone with it :confused:

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Heheh, I’ll close it for you. :smiley: I admire how detailed your report was! Beautiful!