Sidemissions should reward materials

Experience is useless when you get to level 30 and in Auric Damnation the monetary reward is pitiful especially for grimoires not only taking up utility slots but actively corrupting you. If like V2 collecting the grims at least got me a better item at the end or plasteel I could see taking on the extra challenge.


Yes also i think selling weapons should give you crafting materials instead of dockets just beacuse of how grindy it is at the moment


Actually I really don’t know why we can’t barter the items at Hadron to get some mats.
That’s pretty much something that is present in every crafting system I know :man_shrugging:

But yes experience is useless when you’re max level and we should get something different.


I agree, although experience past level 30 is useful if you’re using the “True level” mod. Gives an idea how much someone has played the game (or at least that class).

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