Max Level should reward resources not XP

Once you hit max level there is no point to XP anymore. Instead XP gain should be translated into resources to help with gathering them for easier experimentation


This actually makes sense.

Yeah should give crafting resources and dockets.

I really think that there should be a repeatable reward that can be acquired by gaining experience after reaching level 30. I’d like to keep getting weapons, curios and cosmetics as random drops instead of resources.

I’d rather have the salvaging mechanic be used give us materials alongside the dockets it already gives us than gain them through an exp translation.

I just want to throw my hat in the ring and yes it should do exactly just that what the hell am i gonna do with XP when im maxed? OP’s idea should be the norm after reaching max lvl.

I just wanted to add another thing they could do is at max level is to reward a small denomination of the contract currency depending on the difficulty you finish and secondary objectives

right now its complete BS that you cant get what you want and FOMO is abundant its bad enough playing the table top experiencing FOMO only to have to deal with it here too

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