Should still be in beta!

Vermintide 2 is one of the greatest games ever created, however advertising WoM as a complete product that is ready for market was dishonest of you. This game should still be listed as beta that you can pay for early access to. I will not spend my money with a company I feel is willing to be dishonest.


Releasing WoM in the first place was a mistake. Beastmen are so overtuned compared to everything else.

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That’s the least of WoM’s problems.
And it would not be as bad if beastmen wouldn’t be omnipresent. But as OP said, this is a beta and they probably need all the data they can get on them.
I hate so much seeing them everywhere that I’d rather have their ridiculous presence fixed than they getting the balance they deserve.
As an added negative, with this spawn I’m getting bored/annoyed, very fast, by a gameplay addition that was meant to keep the game fresh for a long time.


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