Should I get this axe, or wait for Antax?

Buy it or save up for something better? This is for Zealot build…

Check a similar Achlys in the meatgringer, if you like how it perform, then you can buy it.
Later you demolish it for the blessing to move it to other axe.

Personaly I do not like Achlys hit type, Antax is so much better, especially the block/push/push attack combo and damage.

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No don’t get it, first the ignore hit mass blessing only works on mk5 axe since it’s the only axe has light attack cleave. Second the penetration is way too low, for this variant you actually want to trade mobility for everything else. Lastly the perks aren’t great leaving you only one choice to reroll the +1 stamina to something like +25%maniac/infested/flak armored in order to have significant DMG boast of total 33% on one specific type of special enemy.

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I only just picked up an axe to test brutal momentum on it, so I’m not sure how well it works with those. It could be great, or it might be worthless. Obv an Antax is better and you’ll see a decent Antax eventually.

Test out a similar axe in Meatgrinder. If you like the attack patterns then go ahead and buy it

I would say get it on the odds that youll probably be able to recoup the cost by the time the next thing comes along to catch your eye. Depends how much of melks tokens youve got saved and grind out per week.