Shotgun Variation

Make some variants RNG Standard Firing patterns:

  1. Full Choke; Tightest spread, Longest range.
  2. Duckbill spread; Normal shots having more horizontal oval spread.
  3. Sawnoff; Widest spread, High suppression

Free Up the Special ammo to RNG:

  1. Incendiary Shot; Adds Burning stacks.
  2. High Explosive Slug, Heavy Stagger, Lower Damage.
  3. Armour Piercing Slug; Heavy Single target Damage vs Carapace Piercing through unarmoured
  4. A Torch.
  5. A Melee attack.
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You got my vote…
…if it was “democracy” here… but it’s “dictatorship” :stuck_out_tongue:
Look how beautiful our Imperium of Mankind is! & we have “crafting” not like the orks at the north & xenos at southeast x]

I suggested something like this and to get rid of the spread difference between hip-fire and ADS and got blasted for it.