Shotgun spread/stagger should not be different

Aimed vs hip fire shouldn’t change the pellet spread or the stagger.


But then i couldn’t snipe with my lawbringer at 100 meters, which is entirely within real shotgun ranges.


Shotgun usualy fulfill the role of CQC in games… the problem is the avrge engagment distance in games about what 15 meter… so sniping in a shotgun is problematic, and disappearing pellets after 6m just as re tarded…

If you want to snipe with a shotgun around 100 meter because IRL it’s capable of, then first you need to design a game where the average engagement distance is around 250ish meter cuz that’s the operating range the submachine / machine guns… and rifles is about what 500 - 1000 m ?

I would rather give the shotguns infinite cleav against infected enemyes, and low tier trash horde…

It should change the spread because why would I ever aim otherwise?

Oh and shotguns would lose a ton of versatility and be worthless without it.

If I can only equip one ranged weapon, why would I take one that is limited to 15m or closer engagements? Spoiler: I wouldn’t


Shouldn’t that be it’s role though? It isn’t much of a close range beast. Takes like 4 body shots to take down a mutant.

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Why does that have to be their only role?

It’s not like you can chose a 2nd ranged weapon to cover for their lack of range or chose a melee weapon for that purpose.
And chosing a ranged weapon which lacks range is just a bad idea and not a consideration you should be making as the outcome is always the same: you will pick another, more versatile weapon.

A fast firing, full auto rifle or smg does the same job but can extend further…

So if shotguns can’t compete at those ranges (which realistically they can and should) they won’t ever be picked

And if you think this is pulled out of a hat and not at all realistic: enter Exhibit A; VT2 shotguns…

All of which are useless and terrible weapons with the exception of one… which shares no characteristics with any other shotgun… and a dlc weapon… designed for a class to boost it past the stratosphere.

I’ve made my point.

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Another dreadful take topic. Shotguns just need more cleave normally, considering they have the goofiest blessing in the game (Man Stopper) aka the only thing short of explosions bypassing hitmass altogether. Seriously try it with creature spawner mod and try not to crash your game.

So something between this performance would be ideal, unfortunately they lynched the awful Lawbringer special shot on this instead…

But stop shooting mutants and if you want cleave look out for a T2 blessing that is like pre nerf brutal momentum but on crits. Because that is the most fun use of human shotguns by several orders of magnitude, and often effective in the scheme of overall damage because of how busted crazy hitmass weapons are.

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ogryn shotguns seems to be in a good place. The “human” shotguns do kinda underperform. They are fun and you can make fun builds with them. Like stacking bleed+burn on kantrael. Creating sniper rifle with agripinaa. Or having cleaving monster with lawbringer.

But they lack… gimmicks? Maybe some blessings that benefit from shotguns shooting pellets? What about blessing, that applies 1 stack of brittleness per pellet hit up to a maximum of 40% brittleness?
same with bleed/burn/stagger

Maybe 40,000 years in the future they figured out how to make a dynamic choke? :slight_smile:

I’ve headcannoned that this is just 40k super tech, same as exploding bolt rounds, plasma, triple-stacked ammo mags, ect.

I want to believe that is the case, but it is still massively wonky in concept when it comes to stagger.

Why would having a tighter choke lower my ability to stagger, especially when more pellets are hitting your target.

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