Shotgun special - make it a slug with high stagger for sniping purposes

Does anyone ever use the current iteration, and if so, for what?

For me, the reload animation is way too slow, and I can already knock specials off their feet without. Giving it a sniping ability would expand the T5 viable ranged gun options to… 4?

The regular fire is already surprisingly accurate at mid to long ranges though.

Current special fire has higher stagger, higher penetration, and a purely horizontal spread. I do use it currently on Zealot to thin an especially dense horde or to clear things coming from behind when I’m behind my team and trying to catch up.

I think it’s fine and has its uses as is. It doesn’t have to be something you use all the time.

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Current shotgun works great as it is and can already snipe snipers with careful enough aiming.

Also, the veteran has 2 perks for faster reloading.

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If you want to snipe, you shouldn’t be using a shotgun. This is a stupid suggestion.

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Originally I though the same thing, but then I headshot an entire line of moebian sixth in one shot, just absolutely blew their heads apart. In that moment I knew I loved the alternate fire. If there is gonna be a slug special I’d rather it be on a shotgun variant.

And that is why I should have made my veteran 15cms taller.

Actually, I really want it to shoot an explosive slug like the trailer showed. Probably on a variant though, as the horizontal spread has its uses.

I’d rather have a flashlight… Or the option to choose between special ammo and a flashlight…

Not sure if you know or noticed, but ADS shotty shot is basically a slug. You can take heads from 30 meters out :wink:


Truth is if you HS a scab with shotgun he dies on any difficulty but if you use headhunter or other normal autogun… you must crit to kill if he have flak helmet…
Also it’s way more accurate than most other guns in the game…

That how devs implemented their weapons to be accurate & true to the point they had a specialist working on how weapons should work in real xD

That’s of course sarcasm.

Current shotgun speical isn’t well understood, since it’s not well explained. What it is, is a duckbill choke round. It makes all the pellets come out wide and all in a horizonal line.

This is handy, but a slug would be nice too. Maybe something like a copper sabot with a lot of penetration.

Agree fully with first part of your response.
As for the slug part, shotty ADS is a slug shot or at least acts like it, its spread is no bigger than the enemies head. Feel free to try it out in Meat Grinder on both enemies and pillars.

Pics here: Special weapon button for shotgun - #4 by sabier3

I too would like to see shotgun variants with different special ammo types.

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As people have said, the current ADS fire of the shotgun works like a slug pellet with extremely high range. You can snipe a lot of things across the map with it. It even has slight penetration through 1-2 targets.
Depending on your difficulty you can one/two/three tap headshot specials and certain elites at max distance.

ADS tightens the regular fire so much that it basically is a slug

Just go to meatgrinder and shoot a wall, the bullet holes don’t lie