The Combat Shotgun

Now, I’d probably never use it on the veteran since they get some better options later on thanks to infantry Autoguns, the helbores etc. becoming really nice to use with a good stat distribution.
That’s to say, the veteral already has good options when it comes to ranged combat. Which is to be expected.

On Zealot, however, the ranged armor penetration on charge, whether it be a bug or intended, gives the shotgun the bit of utility to work with at close to medium range.
It could still use one more change. One which could make me take it over the bolter or flamer sometimes.

Namely, make the special payload toss aside an ogryn’s shield. Or, at least, make it a starter in a chain of shots to throw the shield aside.
The ammo count on a shotgun is so low to begin with that I’d generally rather not use it on hordes, which makes the special feel a bit useless.

Yeah, I suggested making it less fixed, have even attachments RNG so the Special Button is anything from a Torch to A Melee hit like other weapons. then the Shotgun Could have a unique shell to load similar to now but Either Armour piercing (Pierces based on Target mass), Explosive(Low Damage High Stagger), Dragonsbreath(Limited Range Flamer burst) or shredder(Low damage Shot that pierces more enemies adding bleed stacks) single shot at a time.