[SUGGESTION] Combat Shotgun alt fire & new variant

To make the combat shotgun a more pick-worthy choice, it could use an identity facelift to be something more than a budget bolter. My suggestion is to change the alt-fire to an armor-piercing sabot shell. Take the current alt-fire and make it the default shot type for a new shotgun variant, with the alt-fire for this new shotgun a dragon’s breath or bleed shell. The current shotgun will then have a General Purpose primary/anti-armor secondary role, and the new shotgun will be a anti-horde primary/anti-boss&monstrosity secondary role

It would be nice to have a variant with slug ammo also.

A sabot shell would more or less fill the role that other games use for a slug shottie

The shotgun needs a damage buff badly, it does not scale well pass uprising, enemies seem to tank quite a lot of shotgun rounds.

I would like to see some varients though, like fire and explosive rounds.


Fatshark could very easily take inspiration on other shotgun types to give non-ogryn characters in order to have rather interesting play styles. Along with this, giving us special ammo types that would be great for mobs or high value targets (from elites, specials, ogryns, or even bosses).


Unpopular opinion: I like the shotgun and its alt fire. I run heresies with the shotgun and it’s excellent at interrupting specials and just a treat to use when you take the head off a sniper with a “close range” weapon. Even the alt-fire I find value in as I can decapitate a whole mob with one good shot.

I’d totally be open to shotgun variants though.