Shotgun does more dmg at long range instead of close

Shotguns do more damage the farther away the enemy is, but the tooltip says they do more at close range. Many other weapons also have their range stat backwards.

I have a video, but the site will not allow me to upload it.

I think what’s happening is that the shotgun does not calculate damage per pellet but instead if an enemy is hit by any of the shotgun’s pellets it takes the full damage of the weapon.

This is generally a good way of doing shotguns because it avoids that whole thing where shotguns basically become a melee weapon because the only way to get great damage out of them is making sure none of the pellets can miss the target.

However, it needs to be compensated for by having significant damage dropoff over range. Maybe there is a bug in there where that is somehow counting backwards.

No. If you stand close to the enemy it does 250 dmg. As you back up, it scales up to 500 dmg.

Which shotgun? In the testing range as a Sharpshooter with a Lawbringer Mk VI Combat Shotgun I do not see this behaviour.

  1. If I stand next to the Reaper and shoot them in the face, I do 742 damage
  2. If I stand on the Operative box, I do 625
  3. If I stand with my back to the pillar furthest away from them, I do ~400 +/- 25