Short Wishlist

Honestly, the game has taken a very positive turn, and im even having fun again. Happy to say im back, but there are a few things I feel like are missing, or are simply on my wishlist to really enjoy the game to its fullest. Feel free to chime in with anything you would like to see.

Bolt Pistol (zealot / vet / psyker?)
Hotshot Las
Hellgun (I know hotshot / hellguns have been interchanged in the ruleset on numerous occasions, so for the sake of ease, Las based sniper rifle, and heavy las machine gun respectivly.)
Melta Gun (give me my heat based anti armor shotgun please <3) (zealot / vet)
Combi Weapons (zealot / vet / psyker)
Hand flamer (zealot / vet)
Inferno Pistol (zealot)
Condemnor Bolter (zealot)
Powerfist? (Vet)

** make the evicerator larger please :I its way too small!**

** I want to prefece a lot of this by saying the Commisar attire was a bit out of left field, I think its awesome but for sure paves the way for more interesting less lore adherant skins, such as V2 adding in things like the Hero Pack, I think the same could be done here reasonably. **

Volskyan, especially with the big hat and rebreather would just be an amazing skin
Tempestus Scions
Tanith (this is a no brainer, its just free money)

ecclesiarchy has a lot to offer her, from witch hunter raiments, to battle sister attire, but some simple asks, would be…

Please for the love of god give us a SoB cosmetic in some way shape or form, I even think a Repentia attire could be done tastefully without needing to be NSFW, just by using carefully placed cloth / parchment. Tons of options here!

With the new talent trees, you could probably even slide in a death cult assasin attire, with the stealth and throwing knives it fits the motif without needing a whole new class of its own.

Honestly just go full inquisitor here, why not? It would be awesome from a visual perspective.

Ogryn: Honestly, the recent ogryn stuff has been badass so, im pretty happy here

-Crafting could be a little bit less roulette

-Maps could get a bit more interesting, Hives are pretty big, viewing more exterior spots, or places in the upper spires would be amazing, guarden districts for the upper echelon for example, or hangers that lead us into massive ships

  • more varied or unique objectives. They all sort of blend together and feel a bit samesey.

  • More plasteel. Like c’mon man, I have 5000 DIamantine and 0 Plasteel :I if we dont get more plasteel, can we at least find a use for Dia, an exchnage or specific cosmetics.

  • more weapon recolor cosmetics

  • an added xenos faction

Prolly have a ton more, but its late so for now! This will do!

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