Ship mistress Brahms question

I was curious, is Ship mistress Brahms like your bosses boss or something?

This is more of a lore question but I figured it wouldnt be bad to ask.

A lot of the in game chatter kinda puts her all over the place, but her uniform seems to be related to the inquisition.

any thoughts?

Not quite. Shipmistress Brahms is currently working for Grendyl. You work for Zola, who works for/with(?) Morrow, who works for Rannick, who works for Grendyl.


She is a Rogue Trader that work for/with the Inquisition, so she doesn’t really have direct Influence over the Rejects, but as we’re rejects she could order us as she’d wish

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this is the vibe that i got, in the same way that my bosses bosses boss wouldnt ever deal directly with me, he could fire me if he wanted to. so it still feels like a boss, but one you wouldnt deal with much.

Nah she’s just there to give Judi Dench ‘M’ vibes in the opening cutscene. Actual relevance and story to come later.

She is a Rogue Trader. In 40K that means, that she comes from a family line of wealthy and influential traders. Rogue Traders often posses Voidships and their own little army. They are somewhat ‘‘free’’ in their business and as long as they serve the Imperium of Mankind well, no one is gonna ask to many questions about some aspects of their business or their crew. On many Rogue Trader ships you could find things like technology or lifeforms, that the inquisition would call ‘‘heretical’’ and worthy of a trial.
BUT most Rogue Traders get away with such things because the Imperium needs them. They are a bit like the romanticized Hollywood version of the Italian Mafia.

And when ever the Inquisition needs a ride or a base of operation in the void of space, they do a little trick called requisition. Depending on the influence of the Inquisitor and his orders, that could mean that he literally does that ‘‘Stop! POLICE! i need your car’’ move. And most Rogue Traders would follow such a request, be it out of loyalty to the Imperium or to get something out of it. Because it brings some prestige to your Families House if you helped a powerful Inquisitor solve his case.

We serve the inquisitor. The Inquisitor serves the Inquisition. The Inquisition serves the Imperium. And the old lady that looks like mom from futurama helps our boss by having us as guests on her ship. So we all may serve the Emperor.


She is a Great Unclean One in disguise, mark my words.

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