Shilling Cosmetics for Paid Careers in Lohner's Emporium

I noticed that the only cosmetics currently available for Grail Knight are in the Cosmetics DLC upgrade which is locked behind challenges.

All base game careers have challenge locked cosmetics AND other cosmetics you can get through Lohner’s Emporium.

My question is will the new paid careers ever get cosmetics in Lohner’s Emporium available for shillings?

The reason why I’m asking is because when I looked at Grail Knight in the cosmetic shop, it takes you to weapon illusions but all of those skins are for weapons that have already been in the game. I’m just wondering if Fatshark is planning on adding more cosmetics for shillings for the paid careers in the future.

Also, what does the community think about paid careers getting cosmetics in the shop for shillings?


I sure hope so. I imagine he doesn’t have any right now is simply because hes new.


Everything in the shop should have more cosmetics. Weapon illusions, hats, skins and so on. It’s a dead income stream at the moment.

Grail Knight might even be the one career where extravagant reskins might actually work with all kinds of various luxurious livery.


I would LOVE this, I’ve got like 2k shillings and I don’t like anything in the shop that’s left for me to buy.


I’d like to see a white-and-red motif for the Grail Knight’s gear – hat, armor, and shield – even if they’re just simple recolors. Like so:


I have over 4k shillings and nothing to buy … That’s why I was wondering if the new paid careers will get cosmetics in the shillings shop. Let’s hope!

That is awesome!


I want a suit of dirty, dented armour + shield so that it looks like Kruber’s been on the road questing for years (kinda like Percival in the movie Excalibur when he is searching for the grail).

(I also want a quaterstaff for Kruber so I can finally make a Robin Hood huntsman build)


Talking about Grail Knight cosmetics, i want a big ass helmet with horns on it!Make me happy FS


Even more, a similar design is present even in the very modest game Warhammer Quest 2, I’m not even talking about TW: W.

Creamy white + red would be fine. I hope THIS art makes more of an impression on Developers.

(By the way, I want this painting as Keep decoration)

And finally, don’t hold back!

The dragon on the helmet! Shocking Size! Shocking colors! True Warhammer!


I remember how on one of the GK streams the two streamers were talking about how excited everyone was to design something for GK.
Must have been a seizure that went as fast as it rose, since nothing was shipped since than.


Before we can have new hats, we may just get the helmetless beard variations for all of Krubers careers? I really don’t know why the Veteran Scars for example are only for Merc, but we can have the classic Merc beard for the Foot Knight. I think that’s the easiest way to get some more variety, maybe even the shaved Grail Knight across all of Krubers careers. I mean, it’s hard to do this for other careers, but I think everyone would agree, that it’s no problem to wear our beard of choice (or no beard at all) with our Imperial Soldier.


I really like the shaved GK with the shark hat. I think it would be very interesting to have a beardless option for all of his careers.

Maybe even give Kerillian a beard?

Well, maybe not for Kerillian LOL

the shaved GK without the SharkHead was atleast in the new Engineer Bardin Trailer, it’s already existent :smiley:

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but the shark hat came out before the Bardin trailer…

I’m confused at what you’re trying to tell me here…

If you buy GK cosmetic upgrade it comes with 3 illusions for both of his new weapons available from Lohner’s Emporium. So 6 illusions available to buy with Shillings. Sadly there are none for Engineer. And for some reason some of engineer’s challenges from his cosmetic upgrade award Shillings. Logic has left the building.