Shielded Clanrat/Bulwark/Shielded SV are ignoring stagger still

Bulwark Example

Basically title with a clip for reference. Sadly I don’t have a clip on hand regarding SSV and Shielded Clan rats but I can attest that I’ve had both happen to me in the last week prior to this post in a similar fashion to the above clip.

Granted this clip was taken in the modded realm on C3DW but I still see these things happen even in official as well. I know that one way that this happens is the shielded enemy get’s staggered while doing a climbing animation and become stagger immune but in the above clip and in my recent experience they don’t get staggered on climbs and just start doing it on flat terrain.

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Isn’t that the bug that was supposedly fixed by this Patch 4.6.4 change?

The above change caused this prior Patch 4.6 change to be reverted:

A user here comments on why it was reverted:

…leading to the current situation where pushing enemies knocked to the ground will make them immediately stand up.

Yeah I distinctly remember that most of this was fixed during the last patch but I guess there’s still some lingering effects that haven’t been fully fixed yet.

Because in my example clip its just me playing alone in a true solo so nobody else is helping me apply staggers. In that same clip for context I didn’t throw a bomb, I didn’t drag enemies up and down cliffs. The most I did to that horde is ult into it and uses pushes as my main forms of stagger. Yet after I break that bulwark’s shield he’s clearly ignoring 4 instances of a “light” stagger that should be forcing him to flinch at the least and yet he’s powering through it like prepatch.

I understand that the FK charge stagger can be cleared by pushing because prior to that things would sometimes just stay “stagger locked” to a stronger stagger and “light” staggers wouldn’t flinch them. But this is as zealot right so unless Zealot Ult is coded as Explosive Stagger like FK Ult is I don’t see what could be causing this issue outside of just general Shield Stagger Jank being left over from the last stagger patches.

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