Sharing some feedback love for the Psyker class

Psyker main here with about 30 hrs played. Just wanted to share some feedback.

First impression was that the brain burst was too slow to charge up, too underpowered and that the peril mechanic was cumbersome and intrusive to game flow. I almost ditched the class but the concept continued to intrigue me.

After extended playtime, my feelings have changed significantly and I am very deeply satisfied by the class gameplay loop.

I love that Psyker pacing and gameplay is dramatically different than others, and that I get to act as a backline general, surveying the battlefield for high value targets. I love that I’m cherry picking targets instead of just wading into every conflict. I love the recognition I get from the team when I pull off a clutch dog or mutant kill right before they pin a player. I feel like I contribute something unique.

I love the visual cue of the charge up, and the fact that the enemy staggers halfway through the animation as it begins to take effect.

I absolutely LOVE the satisfying audio/visual of the headpop crunch.

If I have any constructive criticisms, I do feel like the warp charges aren’t really a great addition to the class. There’s already more to manage with peril compared to other classes, and having to make sure my warp charges stay up pulls me out of the gameplay flow a bit in an way that isn’t fun. It makes me change my natural playstyle to something unnatural and forces me to take my eyes off the action, which adds some considerable friction. If there was more of an immersive visual cue or something than having to continually check the tiny icon in the corner constantly to see how long I have left before the buff wears off, it would be less of a distraction, but I’m still not sure that it would feel like a fun addition to the class.

Otherwise 100% love the class and glad I stuck with it. Can’t wait to see how it gets further tuned!

Thanks Fatshark - love and support!

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