Psyker QOL

I’m really loving psyker. But since this is a beta there are some QoL I’d love to see for Psyker.

Brain burst as a weapon slot could really use a special attack. I think the easiest thing to add to this button would be a force push, similar to laspistol for Psyker. This is my first 40k experience, I imagine there’s something cool for a special attack that would help with the fantasy of playing a space witch but the special attack being empty is pretty lame.

Brain burst could use a step higher quality on its dodge. You’re literally holding no weight, the dodge should be decent. The dodge for BB in the closed beta was great, you could dodge dance to get another BB or two before having to switch weapons.

Warp charges are not bad to maintain in a Brain burst build, but using a staff and keeping warp charges up is more annoying than fun. Making force sword or staff kills give charges would be entirely OP. I think a longer CD or just have the charges decay would be amazing.

There needs to be a mechanic to maintain your charges in boss fights. Feels really bad and not fun losing a base mechanic because there are no brains to burst.

Overall really loving the class and the game. Thanks