Shade Shimmer Strike bad interaction with dual wield attacks

Currently, when using dual wield attacks(e.g sword & dagger heavy 1) with Shimmer Strike, it will consume both the Infiltrate bonus damage attack AND the extended 3 second stealth attack.


I’ve queried Shimmer Strike with dual heavy attacks and received this response:

The attack has to kill a elite or special otherwise it’s removed - this is intended.
If you hit anything and it doesn’t kill, you will lose Stealth.

This is why Shade has these perks:

  • Melee attacks out of stealth has 100% crit chance
  • Charged Critical Backstabs always slays man-sized enemies. (i.e. not Monsters, Lords or Chaos Warriors)

This means you can always kill the elite if you land a Charged attack in their back, but it will also work as long as you one shot the Elites or Specials.

Non-dual wield attacks can hit non-elite/specials without consuming the second stealth portion if it doesn’t cleave multiple enemies. So for example you can ult a monster with infiltrate with a non-dual wield attack and still have the second stealth portion to start chaining elites but if you try this with dual daggers for example, it wouldn’t work.

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