Shade's Shimmer Strike with dual wepons

When using the new talent Shimmer Strike with a dual weapon, using any of the heavy attacks for the initial infiltrated strike causes you to leave stealth immediately rather than get the 3 sec additional stealth. The heavy strikes of any other weapon or the light attacks of the dual weapons grants 3 sec of stealth as described. I have no proof but it looks like it has to do with the 2 hits in a single attack, however, since a dual heavy does not expend both instances of infiltrate when using Cloak of Pain, I’d guess it’s unintended.

EDIT: Ok, so we got that from testing it in the keep on dummies after a friend experienced some difficulty with it in a match. But the behavior with dummies appears to be different from actual enemies (for starters, you can’t kill them to proc the talent). In the match it still feels weird, the time you get when using dual weapons "felt " shorter than with single weapons but you do go into stealth at least.

I queried Shimmer Strike with dual weapons and received this response:

The attack has to kill a elite or special otherwise it’s removed - this is intended.
If you hit anything and it doesn’t kill, you will lose Stealth.

This is why Shade has these perks:

  • Melee attacks out of stealth has 100% crit chance
  • Charged Critical Backstabs always slays man-sized enemies. (i.e. not Monsters, Lords or Chaos Warriors)

This means you can always kill the elite if you land a Charged attack in their back, but it will also work as long as you one shot the Elites or Specials.

Thanks for the fast response, and sorry about the duplicate topic. We seem to have posted within a minute of each other somehow.

I did recognize the perk/talent synergy, my friends and I were just confused by the talent’s behavior when used on the dummies in the Keep. But it does seem to be different than what happens in match.

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