Shade Infiltrate seems very bugged?

My shade is currently level 13, using dual daggers on Recruit and Veteran difficulty (233 total hero power).
So far i am having very inconsistent and confusing results with Infiltrate:

  1. Infiltrate does NOT break from Shades attacks.
    As shade when i enter infiltrate i can attack all i want for the entire duration.
    I use this to completely obliterate unique/named bosses like the ones in Skittergate.
    I even get hit by various effects, spells and melee attacks and it still does not break Infiltrate.
    I can drink potions and kill as many enemies as i want during Infiltrate, it will not break even when attacking target dummies in base.

  2. Infiltrate instantly breaks when fighting the unique Halescourge chaos sorcerer boss fight.
    I do not know why but literally as soon as i turn on Infiltrate during Halescourge boss fight it will break without me getting even a single attack in.

  3. My dual dagger light attacks versus the gray unarmored dummy do 400 damage.
    During infiltrate my dual dagger light attacks hit the same target for 13,000 damage.
    And during infiltrate my dual dagger heavy (power) attacks hit the same target for 9,000 damage.
    Why do the light attacks do more damage during Infiltrate than the heavy/power attacks?
    I tried even on the Armored dummy and during Infiltrate my light dagger attacks still did more damage than the heavy/power attacks?

  4. Damage during Infiltrate seems almost completely unaffected by the Potion of Strength, adding less than 5% bonus damage compared to what damage Infiltrate does (dual daggers).

  5. During Infiltrate the dual dagger light attacks do more damage per hit than even the light attacks of big weapons like 2handed sword and glaive.
    The DPS of dual daggers spamming light attacks during Infiltrate is absolutely insane, much higher than any other Elf weapon can achieve during Infiltrate.

Overall i am finding Infiltrate to be very confusing and unreliable.
It randomly breaks without reason, while in other situations it lasts for full duration regardless of me hitting/killing as many enemies as i want.

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