Severe FPS drops and stutters

I have a 3060 32gb DDR4 Ram a Ryzen 5 3600, I was getting around 70-80 FPS medium settings in the pre order beta and now I can’t even push over 35 FPS on all low settings since release it is very annoying and it’s starting to make me regret my purchase of this game unfortunately hopefully you guys can find a fix for it by as of now this game is very hard to have fun in with the current state of everything (I also play on 3440x1440p Ultrawide)

UPDATE I uninstalled my game made sure there was no trace of darktide left in my computer and I reinstalled it I noticed an immediate improvement in FPS I am now getting 57-70 FPS now I still have yet to try the rest of the maps but I still do notice drops here and there and definitley stutters still to

don’t know. I have i5 11400f, 16 gb ram 3600, RTX 3070, 70-150 fps on high FULL HD, DLSS quality, with hordes sometimes 70 fps is the minimum. On average, it holds 80-130. And very, very rarely 60 fps. Worker threads - 9. I have 150-140 fps on the basis of the respawn. Latest Driver Invidia. Win 10 21H2
Swap file on SSD- Volume 16000MB, FULL HD. No friezes :slight_smile: