Several Mid-Mission Crashes

Four crashes mid-level while hosting, otherwise excellent performance

crash_dump-2020-07-06-22.09.14-9c2c4a19-5b41-4aa1-babd-7eee7849dae6.dmp (487.5 KB) crash_dump-2020-07-08-17.12.36-30f48c5b-dac7-42dd-a89e-29e4e6abb25e.dmp (401.8 KB) crash_dump-2020-07-10-17.18.32-d49e0938-da1d-4bc7-ae7b-74ad729210c5.dmp (492.4 KB) crash_dump-2020-07-12-18.03.19-fd5271ac-94dd-4b56-b952-6eef8ed38f79.dmp (583.0 KB)

Clean install Radeon Drivers a month ago, no overclock, no active recording software (unless Radeon’s built in stuff counts), DX12 should be fully supported…

No issues running other games or benchmarks

I’ve noticed that while Alt-Tab to desktop Vermintide’s preview window is a strobing lightshow

Please include the associated console logs. :slight_smile: Thank you!

console-2020-07-12-18.03.19-fd5271ac-94dd-4b56-b952-6eef8ed38f79.log (1.9 MB) console-2020-07-10-17.18.32-d49e0938-da1d-4bc7-ae7b-74ad729210c5.log (1.8 MB) console-2020-07-08-17.12.36-30f48c5b-dac7-42dd-a89e-29e4e6abb25e.log (3.0 MB) console-2020-07-06-22.09.14-9c2c4a19-5b41-4aa1-babd-7eee7849dae6.log (2.0 MB)

Thank you! Could you see what happens if you switch to DirectX 11?

I used DX11 for half an hour without crashing, but the framerate was almost halved so I switched back to DX12. If the ‘solution’ is to switch to DX11 on an otherwise DX12 capable machine, I’ll probably just stop playing tbh.

All crashes happened while I was hosting. Since posting, I have stopped hosting and instead joined my friend’s, or an open public lobby instead, and have not experienced another crash in a dozen-ish missions.

Alright, so we have an issue with DirectX 12 then - I’ll need to raise that with development for investigation. If you could please provide me with the crash report produced (the long ‘GUID’ string), I can then add it to our database.

After the crash occurs, a window should be displayed prompting you to enter what you were doing prior to the crash occurring. Once submitted, another window containing a long ‘GUID’ string and an option to ‘Copy to Clipboard’ should be displayed. Thank you!

I’ll be sure to submit the crash reports in future. If this thread has closed by then where should I submit the GUID?

Just PM me with it. :slight_smile:

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