Server Error at the end of mission

Sometimes (I would say 60-70% of matches) I get an error message at the end of the mission, when escaping through the bridge of shadows. The game freezes some seconds and then an error message appears “Server Error”. Sometimes the game is closed automatically, and sometimes it throws me to my lobby. No rewards, no challenges, and I think, no exp. It is happening since yesterday

Which platform are you playing on @josemelao?

Yes, same on PS4 since the update yesterday, but without an error message. The loading screen just freezes at the beginning or at the end of a mission (before or after the reward screen appears). Sometimes this happens at the login screen too.

Im Playing on Steam, Already verified the integrity of the files, and it is all OK

And now Im getting an Server Error when I try to log in the game…
Backend error: 1127

Steam went down, we should be back up now.

Any update about this? Anything that I can do to prevent this? Or you guys investigating?

I had this happen to me when I forgot to update my PC. You should check your computer for any updates; it may be that Windows released an update that breaks a previous one. Happens a lot.

Could you PM me the URL to your Steam profile please @josemelao?

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