Server Connection Error at Mission Complete

Good evening;

I had today twice this error right after mission finishes inside the Waystone hemisphere;

  • Game doesn’t complete, no xp and chest is rewarded
  • Screenshot is not available but the dialogue box suggests to this forum. I don’t want to waste all my time again just to show the screenshot sorry for this.
  • It did happen consecutively, persistenly and i’m pretty much sure that it is going to happen again
  • After clicking Okay, game tries to connect my castle, fades in fades out, and again the loading screen. It does not load my castle and enters into endless loop of loading screen fades in and outs.
  • The only way to break the loop is alt+f4

Log is attached below

console-2018-10-05-23.05.03-ADC4CC81-97FF-4C9F-BD2A-B34E.log (543.6 KB)

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