Server Error just as level was about to be finished; alive team members were all at the Bridge of Shadows

Issue Summary:
Against the Grain, legend. Was playing as client. The alive members of the team have all made it to the Bridge of Shadows to finish the level. I got met with this error message just as we all made it to the Bridge of Shadows:

Server Error - There was a problem while connecting to the game servers. Please verify your Internet connectivity or try again later…

At around 30 seconds of waiting around with this message box left open, I heard the “exiting level” bridge of shadows teleport sound but it didn’t do anything. I’m not sure if the others were able to finish the level and get the loot. After around a minute or two of waiting I clicked ‘OK’, but didn’t get any loot.

My internet connection’s fine given that I’ve played through the whole map without issues. I was also able to play other matches after this without restarting Steam or the game. Shouldn’t this automatically retry until connection comes back instead of making the player leave at the part when the level’s about to be finished without loot? At the least, just give the loot. We were at the Bridge of Shadows anyway. It’s very frustrating.

[Session Console Log]
console-2019-01-28-14.21.04-319808E2-BDCC-4380-8C72-FA77 server error on bridge of shadows.log (3.0 MB)

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