Backend error #1342

So tired of this error - when will it be fixed?

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Yay - it happened again :frowning:

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Yep. Getting this error constantly! Have been quite a bit during this beta, very annoying.

I’m randomly getting this error while doing horsing around in the Castle… Getting pretty annoying :frowning:

I also have found a way of forcing the error at the end of match. Happened all 3 times I did it, one of them being intentional (a hefty sacrifice of an entire map’s worth of time). If you go into the Bridge of Shadows and charge any sort of attack (be ir Sienna’s ranged or any melee), you will get the error. The sample size isn’t big, but every time it happened to me in-game, it was while at the Bridge and while charging an attack while waiting. Never randomly during the map itself. Maybe a dev can look into it?

We are speaking with our server folks about this and trying to figure out why these pings to the server are failing.

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