Separating players is a mistake

The new Weaves game mode is separating the players, this isn´t good for finding games if you don’t have a group and I’m afraid that Versus mode will do it even more. I´m going to propose something for Weaves and also for Mod Realm:

WEAVES: Athanor should modify the weapons we already have. When after 1000 hours of play I saw that I had to start over from 0 I decided not to play Weaves, it’s absurd. The essence gained should be used to modify the weapons we already have in our inventory and have a Lobby Browser to be able to join the level of Weave we want, just like in a normal map. In this way, new players have more probability to search games and veteran players with good weapons don´t have to start again from 0.

MODS: Why not unite all players in the same Realm? The solution is very simple:

1st. Add a “Play with mods” option under Twitch mode. A Lobby Browser to play with mods within the Official Realm. In this way any player can change from one game mode to another quickly without separating the players.

2nd. Make two menus to select mods. One would be for the normal game, in which only the sanctioned mods would be added and another for the Lobby Mod, in which you could choose any mod. In this way the game only loads the mods allowed for each game mode.

I hope the versus mode also has its own Lobby Browser, all within Realm itself.


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