Separate saves for the realms

So since every mod has to be approved by the high council of comrades from the SPS (Socialist Party of Scavenblight) to maximize control over the customer and thus profit secure the well being of our fellow members of this glorious society and its beloved leaders, why can’t we have separated saves for both realms so the evil and corrupted with their free spirits and creative minds (SHAME) can be cast off to a place of their own kind like the United Kingdom did with Australia?

It would be a magnificent improvement of life quality for us malware protection abiding ideal citizens and a peaceful solution for the rabid barbarians out there who are mental enough to install and use mods like visible body parts other than hands in first person on their own responsibility or even ABUSE UNPAID RECOLORS LIKE GREEN! GREEN (oh lord, those animals).

Best regards and kudos to the republic

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Just… pure… gold…

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Do you believe in Qanon, by any chance?

I’d be okay with this as an option. I use mod realm but mostly for testing and experimenting, so I like to have all my official realm gear to test with.

Other than that I use mod realm for goofing around and trying challenges with friends, and I like having my usual stuff there too. Switching to mod realm and having a completely different save with different items and rolled stats would be super frustrating.


This post is dripping with so much sarcasm it looks like a Stormfiend’s leaking fuel tank. Excellent! Super funny.

That being said, I think @Flinlock has a point with the swapping of gear between realms. There’s a lot of variables to account for with multiple save files which would make it difficult/a nightmare to accomplish, but I do understand wanting the game fully mod-able.

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I don’t see why it would be a problem to have it be 2 save files. You load the official realm, and you get the stuff you have in accordance with FS servers. You load the modded realm, you also load an extra file that adds the equipment stuff you have saved on modded realm

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Though a good point: can you still perform progression that way? If it’s alright, I’m going to rifle off a series of questions (and I don’t mean this in a hostile way, just posing some points that I think of as a developer).

What is your current max-rollable item level? Do you have two sets of characters to play with where 1 is your core set and 2 is your leveling character or just one set? If they implement the 2, how do you choose? New UIs? How do they mesh items; one or two sets? Mesh crafting reagents; one or two sets? What if I don’t want my reagents added because I want to grind progression on my new save but I still want my gear/levels? How do I choose to fully separate the files as opposed to half-meshing so I have my gear but not my levels or my levels but not my gear? What if I want my weapon illusions and nothing else because I want to look cool (fashionsouls ftw)?

There’s a lot on the backend that would have to go into each and every one of those things. It’d be a messy, difficult compilation of things to accomplish, but if it was done right it could certainly be a really cool addition to the game.

Since modded realm truly isn’t controlled or has access to crafting or loot or experience/level progression, it would be purely user based, and could be saved clientside. Simply choose whether you want to import your current “live” data and then you’re off from there, the only thing that should be allowed is the deletion of items created with mods like “give weapon”, but that could probably be fixed by the modding community without any aid from FS. Alternatively the modding community might actually be able to fix this for us as well. Creating a mod that saves inventory created with other mods for instance, since it’s not sanctioned it would only save modded realm items.

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