Semi-regular CTDs in Keep

My game crashes quite regularly while I’m in the Keep, especially when tabbing through the inventory, selecting/equipping gear, but also happens when I’m doing other stuff such as opening Spoils or checking the challenges.

I have the following mods installed:
Vermintide Framework
Penlight LUA Libraries
Simple UI
UI Tweaks
Numeric UI
Skip Intro
UI Improvements (this should have been a feature in vanilla for the inventory hero/career switch alone)
Bot Improvements - Combat
Reroll Improvements
Notice Key Pickup
Item Filter
Crosshairs Fix
Countries in Lobby Browser

Latest crash dump and log are attached.
crash_dump-2021-04-22-10.56.40-5d208d87-1a85-4d01-8d48-7bb7d38017de.dmp (618.1 KB)

Could you upload the corresponding console log also, please?

I thought I had but apparentconsole-2021-04-22-10.56.40-5d208d87-1a85-4d01-8d48-7bb7d38017de.log (569.6 KB) ly it didn’t take. Here it is.

Thank you - I’ve had to add this to our database so our developers can investigate. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you. In the interrim I’ll just have to keep my constant inventory shuffling shenanigans to a minimum.

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