CTD in Keep

Game crashed as i changed Bretonnian S+S illusion in the instant someone joined the keep (at least i think that was the cause). Weapon in question was in slot 1 though.

crash_dump-2021-01-08-16.15.09-1c80b09e-2d11-42d8-b8d1-18da7316d7b3.dmp (660.0 KB)
console-2021-01-08-16.15.09-1c80b09e-2d11-42d8-b8d1-18da7316d7b3.log (2.8 MB)

Question: Is it more likely that CTD’s without the automatic crash report are tied to mods? Or is it just coincidence that all similar CTD occurences i had were mod related?

Looks like the BossTimer mod. :slight_smile:

So we actually have somebody investigating the lack of crash reports at the mo. I’m not 100% on what the criteria is yet, but there does seem to be a correlation! He’s actually asked me for the vermintide2_launcher.log(s) from players that aren’t seeing the crash reporter. Would you be so kind to upload yours to help our investigation?

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vermintide2_launcher.log (13.7 KB)
Here you go! Thanks for the info, i thought the most recent update to the mod got rid of the crash that occured to me a while ago, i guess i’ll deactivate it again.^^

I have the ‘temporary launcher workaround’ activated (and use it most of the time), could this be the cause of the issue?

Also, there are a couple bugs back in the game that got fixed a while ago (boss and patrol spawning in the same area/without the proper distance and the same missions starting after another in QP), should i for proper reporting make seperate post for each or can i do that in one post?

Thank you very much! Unable to answer on the launcher workaround but it’s valuable information nonetheless. :slight_smile:

We always prefer separate reports where possible. :heart:

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