Season 2 Beta Information & FAQ


Season 2 was intended to start fully in December. This update would contain the first of three free maps as part of the ‘Curse of Drachenfels’ update, alongside ‘Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders’ for everyone, Quick Play enabled Weaves for Winds of Magic owners together with other considerations as noted in the Season 2 blog post. Given our focus on ‘game health’ these plans have adjusted slightly. With the recent success of the latest experimental test we are bringing the changes into a Beta Test.

The Beta will begin on December 16th.

You can read more about our decisions in the ‘Season 2 - Letter to the Community’ post.

Season 2 - Beta Test

The Beta will run between December 16 - January 2020. We will communicate an exact end date in the near future.

Access details
When the Beta starts we will give you detailed information on how to access the Beta.

The Beta will include:

  • Revisions to the Weaves (including unranked Quick Play) for Winds of Magic owners.
  • Essence distribution changes.
  • The first of the Curse of Drachenfels maps, Old Haunts.
  • Lohner’s Emporium. Lohner’s Emporium will be a limited experience for the time being as we test out how you interact with currency and look for edge cases in the machinations that bring it all together.

Where to follow up
You can find the latest updates and give feedback on our forums.


Ty Fatshark, We really want to try this season 2 :slight_smile:

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I hope there will be more to essence than just upgrading weapons because right now not even playing waves i have most of weapons unlocked and upgraded to max

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Does progress in the beta carry over to the base game, especially in the case of Lohner´s cosmetics?


I second this question, would really like to know. But regardless of the answer, I’m looking forward to testing the Beta. Thanks for the clear information FS.

Thanks for the info!

I’d say ‘limited experience for the time being’ is meant as not carrying over, more so if it is to test out the whole system. Wouldn’t be fair if something like value is going to change when that Beta is going live.

To go further on this: I guess the real money cosmetics will not be available with the Beta?

As I understand it right now, the beta will use your regular progression profile. As for store purchases (which for beta will be limited) we can’t promise 100% what might happen but should have a clearer idea on launch. We really want to see what happens with currency interactions, so if something goes completely whacky then we might look to fix that - which I hypothesise might be a wipe of that specific progression if needed. This is largely assumption, bud educated never the less.


I can’t find it on youtube… should it be a Vermintide 1 map, right?

There was no old map with this name, so it’s either completely new or reworked so much that it got a new name.

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Not necessarily. For the return to Ubersreik some workaround was needed as the city was just a gaping hole at Vermintide 2 time. However, reasons to go to Drachenfels may always be found. It is possible that it shares areas with the Vermintide 1 maps or is close to the same. But I wouldnt rule out new paths and corridors in the familiar setting. May also just be a new name to the same map. We just have to wait a week to find out.


It’s good to hear there is something on the way. But I am a little bit disappointed about this long beta. This means Lohner’s emporium isnot worth during this time if we lost all stuffs after the testing. Anyway will we get all the 3 maps at the beginning of season 2 after the beta or those will arrive during the season 2?

Thanks for the information.

@Fatshark_Hedge What period are you guys on holidays for again? Just wondering if/when we can expect to see fixes/tweaks during the beta should any problems arise etc.

While I completely understand the position, this might need clearing up as if I could lose something as part of my spending during the Beta, I’m less likely to spend it and you won’t get such an effective indication of my interaction with Lohner’s Emporium if I’m reticent in case I lose it all.


What exactly does this “limited Emporium experience” mean?

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Look at it this way :
By playing the game as usual, you’ll earn shillings instead of not.
See thoses shillings as temporary, in case there’s a “shilling farm” edge case that gives you millions in seconds.

If you don’t have the beta, you won’t test anything (new map, new balance etc). Including not having shilling at all.
If you play it, maybe you will have shilling at the end, maybe not.
So playing the beta is actually more effective overall.


Well, he will have Shillings either way, since “Players who already own existing Vermintide 2 DLC’s will be retroactively awarded with Shillings.” (if the owns some DLC’s that is)

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Beta should have content exclusive for beta testers and don’t lose those items. This would be very motivator IMO.


If you’d lose all your Emporium purchases at the end of the Beta but get your Shillings back in full for them as well, it wouldn’t matter. You could spend everything freely for testing purposes and not be disadvantaged for doing so in the end. You could then just re-purchase all the stuff you really wanted as well.

Apart from not being restrained so testing can be done to the fullest, this might be the best system, because I would also be sort of annoyed if I spend all my Shillings in the Beta, and after the Beta lots of cooler stuff shows up in the Emporium that I’d rather have bought.