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Apologies, I haven’t posted here since the launch of WoM season 1 and the Betas - I ususally use the Steam forums. Will WoM season 2 be released before Dec 31 2019? What is the paid content for WoM seasin 2? - just weaves? Lonhner’s emporiuim? The 1st Drachenfels map? Do QP weaves have bots? Please DON’T speculate! I just want to know what has been announced or tested in Betas. Thanks!

next week announcement

To give a long answer to what we know up until now: read this.
Some quotes to immediately answer some of you questions:

Weave updates will not cost anything. The only thing pricey will be the buyable cosmetics.
And as @Sevensreturn said, next week will most likely be an announcement (there is a timer for their next stream on twitch which is a hint that may lead to that conclusiion).

Edit: As well as this confirmation:


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